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Camdon provides energy-efficient solutions for commercial businesses. We specialise in developing and installing products designed to optimise energy consumption and promote sustainability. Our goal is to help create an energy-efficient life by offering tailored solutions to help businesses across UK. Below is an overview of the products that we offer. Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation using the form below.

Example of a Commercial Boiler system

Commercial Boilers

At Camdon we have a dedicated and experienced team of commercial gas-safe registered engineers who can deliver high-quality high-efficiency commercial installations and upgrade works. We work with all major commercial boiler manufacturers and provide a full service from design to commissioning.

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High quality air conditioning units installed on a building

Air Conditioning

Installations accredited by Mitsubishi and Daikin to the highest standard. Camdon have many satisfied customers from large hotels to small retail and restaurant outlets. From 100 units plus VRF installations to small split systems, all installed to the latest F-Gas regulations and highest possible standards.

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Powrmatic destratification fan system


Who is working at height?? By having de-stratification fans installed you can reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 15% depending on the height of your building. These fans work by pushing the warm air which is collecting in the roof space back down into the working area improving comfort levels. Camdon design, supply and install Powrmatic destratification systems.

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Worker installing solar panels on roof

Solar Installations

When designing our solutions, we assess the practicalities of the site and/or buildings to present a design that is tailored to each project. We analyse electrical demand and other energy generation equipment either existing or proposed to calculate the size of the Solar PV equipment. We never oversize a system ensuring you the client gain the maximum return on investment with minimum export of power generated.

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Heat pump system installed beside home

Heat Pumps

Camdon specialises in the design and installation of Air to Water Heat Pumps for commercial applications. Our experienced team will ensure your high-efficiency heat pump system not only delivers outstanding energy savings but also meets your peak demand for hot water and heating throughout all seasons and external temperatures.

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Indoor Bowling Green with Commercial Lighting Roof Lights

Commercial Lighting

Camdon design, supply and install all types of commercial lighting applications, including specialised sports requirements. Lux levels, uniformity of light and other factors designed to produce the perfect energy-efficient lighting scheme.

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Tennis Court at Night Illuminated by Flood Lights

Sports Flood Lighting

Energy saving is a given when moving to high-efficiency LED floodlighting compared to conventional Halogen or metal halide lighting. However, the correct design and product choice is critical to ensure the lighting scheme delivers uniformity and light levels suitable for the sport being played and the venue location.

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