Energy Efficient Products for an Energy Efficient Life

A privately owned company which utilises the owners vast knowledge and expertise in developing energy efficient products.


  • Since you installed the VO system I am pleased to report back to you that we have been pleased with the £60 a week saving on average over the last 4 months.

    We would recommend that if anyone wants to make savings on electrical usage should consider installing one ASAP.

    The installation went without any problems, installed on time, and with the no capital outlay, this will save the club thousands over the next 10 years

    Alan Campbell, Blakelaw & District Social Club

  • “We replaced our old inefficient boiler system and lighting with new energy efficient systems back in 2011; since then we have saved over £20,000 on electric and gas, we would advise any business to contact Camdon to discuss how they could assist them, they could be the difference to you. We have recently placed an order for Voltage Optimisation too.”

    John Tether, Hornsea Ex Servicemen’s Club

  • “In November 2013, after a free consultation, we agreed to have installed a voltage optimisation system on our electric supply, prior to the installation I had been taking weekly readings for us to be able to monitor the savings against those Camdon projected. I am pleased to say firstly the professional and courteous manner shown by the Camdon team, and secondly the saving have excelled our expectations with savings on average showing over 20%. Many thanks to yourselves for keeping us informed of this equipment and the savings it’s brought to our business! Since then we have installed a Voltage Optimisation to reduce the high voltage in the club.”

    Dave Howroyd, Golcar Liberal Club

  • Camdon installed a voltage optimisation system, like I’m sure most customers we were a little sceptical about savings etc. We are very pleased with the results and since the installation the last 3 bills have been reduced by over 22% saving over £250 per month.

    Steve Ferron, Barnaby Dun Club

  • “We had problems with old heating, cellar cooling and water heating systems, with Camdon’s expertise we replaced the olds systems with new energy efficient alternatives. Customer complaints have dropped and the electrical bills have dropped, saving over £6000 per annum, this has assisted in the club continuing to grow and I have no doubt a major factor in the balance sheet still being positive reading. Since then we have had a new Voltage Optimisation system installed and this has proved to be a huge success also reducing the electricity bill by a further 20% we would recommend Camdon to any business.”

    Dave Farrell, King Street Social Club

  • “Pleased with the changeover as now have the benefit of full control over the heating system, enhancing the comfort for members and guests.”

    Richard Horne, Hill of Beath Ex-Servicemen’s Club