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Camdon is a privately owned company which utilises the owner’s vast knowledge and expertise in developing energy efficient products.

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We take responsibility for safeguarding the environment, and for promoting and maintaining health & safety and wellbeing, and this underpins our duty of care to ourselves and others.

Since 2010 our reputation has been built on our excellent trading experience in mechanical and electrical services. We believe in and promote honesty, integrity and trust. The success of our delivery is measured by our accountability, reliability and collaboration.

We are forward thinking, innovative and ingenious in our delivery of bespoke and future-proof mechanical and electrical services. We advocate progress, change and constant improvement.

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Grant support & green funding

Camdon has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to financial support to enable your project. Grant support and self-funding finance can make a project happen quickly to provide maximum and immediate benefits.

We can offer a number of payment options and where grant support is available, we will assist in your application.