Energy Efficient Products for an Energy Efficient Life

A privately owned company which utilises the owners vast knowledge and expertise in developing energy efficient products.

Camdon making a difference

We design, supply and install energy efficient alternatives to your business to make a difference.

Utility costs, mainly gas & electricity are always on the increase; by utilising Camdons expertise in choosing energy efficient alternative products, you can reduce your energy usage and ultimately save money.

Camdon are a recognised supplier of the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme. The new Scheme provides funding for energy saving equipment for projects from £1,000 to £100,000. The repayments to be offset by your anticipated monthly saving in reduced energy consumption. The project can effectively pay for itself. A green growth opportunity to help your business flourish.

Energy Audits

A comprehensive energy audit will identify areas where you can reduce your energy use. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but give immediate benefits in terms of reducing your energy demands and fuel bills. Our commercial energy audits enable you make a decision on the most cost effective way on which you use your energy within your business.

We can implement changes in one single phase or in conjunction with any existing maintenance programme you may already have.

Lockdown over – Start to protect your staff and visitors in the workplace today!

For many weeks now Covid-19 has massively disrupted our lives, but slowly and surely, we will return to normality at some stage soon. If you are responsible for the staff and visitors who come into your building, then you have probably already started considering ways to protect them. It’s likely you will introduce ways to keep people 2m apart, introduce hand sanitisers in large quantities or maybe even consider the wearing of protective masks or eye wear.

These are all great but imagine that on day one of everyone returning to the office, one staff member has Covid-19 and does not realise it. The measures you have implemented will help but what about the air circulation in the building? one cough from our Covid-19 positive staff member and that virus might be circulated to a larger audience and the 2m rule will not have helped in any way at all.

All main associations including the HSE, REHVAC and the WHO are stating that ventilation should be increased along with filtration and where possible HEPA filtration to stop airborne transmission.

Here at Camdon Limited, we have years of experience with Air Conditioning and ventilation systems and we know that many of your current systems will need some work to create a safer air environment within the building.

Despite the Lockdown still being in place we would be happy to come and conduct a survey of your existing system and let you know what we can do to create a safer work place.